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Back to school

FNB Namibia welcomed 30 staff members to the Group on 21 October. Group CEO Ian Leyenaar welcomed the new recruits attending the FNB induction and said that FNB Namibia was a value driven business which ensures that everything is done 110% right. He added: “I cannot emphasise enough that service is vitally important and will set us apart in the industry. Namibia is generally known for poor service but if we set the bar high by delivering excellent service, people would want to bank with us. Service costs nothing but it is vital to the business. Giving excellent service is a choice and goes with your attitude. Choose to give excellent service, listen, apologize, try to fix a problem or get someone who can to fix it.”Leyenaar also added that it was important for the bank to remain humble and focused and needed to keep on re-inventing itself as well as products and services to remain the people’s bank.

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