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Pushing for self-empowerment

Her Liberty Namibia is a new non-governmental organization that plans to engage, represent and participate in activities and issues that affect young girls and women. The organization has three co-founders, Paskaline Ngunaihe, Tikhala Itaye and Tanyaradzwa Daringo.
The three young women told the Economist they have always been involved in volunteering work and decided to come together and form an organization where they can further assist in any way they can. “We are officially registered under section 21 as a Non-Profit organization” stated Paskaline Ngunaihe, Media Executive at AdForce advertising agency.
She said, “Since its inception in November 2012 the overall operation of the organization has been led by dynamic activists and motivated volunteers who carry the passion and desire to see young girls and women socially and economically empowered.”
As an organization they have been focusing their work on socio-economic empowerment, HIV/AIDS, sexual reproductive health and women’s rights. They are exploring new ways to effectively and creatively reach out to their target groups making sure these women are geared with the confidence and self-esteem they need to develop as women, leaders and equal members of society.
 Her Liberty Namibia was established through the need of women and young girls who lack the motivation and encouragement to seek better opportunities and to make the necessary positive changes  within their socio-economic environment. “Hence we envision a united women movement where young women and girls are self-reliant and are fully aware of their ability to influence their societies.”
The organization recently held a His Liberty event at the University of Namibia, themed: ‘Bra, it’s just not a woman thing’ to re-emphasise the fact that women issues are men issues too. “We believe that as we engage men in the promotion of women’s empowerment, this strategy will assist and help convince men to allow women to achieve the ultimate goal of women empowerment.”

The organization has partnered and collaborated with UNAIDS, the UN, Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Namibia, Sister Namibia, Lifeline/ChildLine Namibia, Women Solidarity, Victims to Survivors, the Ministry of Health and Social Services and UNAM on their various projects since 2012.
Tanyaradzwa Daringo and Tikhala Itaye are both law students at UNAM. Tikhala is also the Vice-President of the African Youth and Adolescents Network (AfriYAN), and an administrator for The ‘Dont Kiss and Tell’ drama series that will be airing next year on NBC. This series portrays HIV and Gender Violence amongst young people. “I have also started a school project, where a group of friends and I are mentoring and supporting vulnerable children in Okahandja” she concluded.

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