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Namib horse birthday

Earlier this year two passionate conservationists, Werner (right) and Monika Schultz presented a substantial donation to Mannfred Goldbeck (left) Managing Director of Gondwana Collection and one of the custodians of the Wild Horses Foundation. When Werner Schultz turned 70 earlier in the year, he invited his friends to make contributions to the Foundation instead of buying gifts for him. Expressing his profound gratitude, Goldbeck told the Shultzes that the wild horses of the Namib are unique for their ability to adapt and survive. The Namibia Wild Horses Foundation was established in 2012 to raise and strengthen awareness of the horses. The Foundation is backed by biologist Dr Telané Greyling, the Gondwana Collection with managing director Mannfred Goldbeck and its partners at Klein-Aus Vista. (Photograph by Gondwana Collection)

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