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Acoustic Friday featuring Ras Sheehama

Friday, 24 October, 20h00
Venue: FNCC Terrace
Tickets: N$30 in advance at the FNCC, N$50 at the door

The FNCC is excited to welcome once again on its Acoustic Friday stage Namibia’s legendary afro-reggae sensation Ras Sheehama.
Ras Sheehama and his 8-member band will take you on a musical journey, with a cocktail of Afro-reggae, roots-based dancehall rhythms and African ballads. Singing in Oshiwambo and English, his lyrics are a melting pot of politics, spirituality, and social life.
He’s been active in the Namibian music industry since Independence, and has produced hits like Push and Pull, Innotila (don’t be afraid), and Cassinga, which made him a household name.
“Ras and his band are promising a vibrant stage performance. With a repertoire of more than seven albums to choose from, the band will bring you a mixture of both his classics and his latest work, which will leave you wanting more” said the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre announcing the show.

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