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Bio-safety act in readiness

The National Commission on Research, Science and Technology will host the first meeting of the Bio safety Council next week.
The aim of the October 10 workshop is to review the Bio Safety Regulations. Currently the Regulations make provision for the aspects of bio-safety.
The NCRST is setting up the administrative unit to deal with the regulation of G Mos in Namibia. The Namibian Bio-safety Act has been approved, but as the regulations have not been finalised, it has not yet been implemented.
The Regulations concern Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in food, fodder and processing, Regulation on GMOs released in the environment and GMOs contained in laboratories. The Terms of Reference for the Board and the Regulations will be discussed to review the Regulations issue and appoint a Registrar.
Council members, all expertise in their field where chosen. Namely, Animal Health & Welfare: Dr Herbert Schneider, Environmental Issues: Mr Teofilus M Nghitila, Law: Mr Etuna Josua, Molecular Biology: Dr Martha Kandawa Schul and Public Health/Food Safety:Dr Ronnie A Bock.
According to the Science, Research and Technology council the lack of scientific knowledge due to insufficient relevant scientific information or scientific agreement should not be seen posing or  indicating a particular level of risk, or absence of risk, or an acceptable risk.

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