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48 New Peace Corps Volunteers pledge service to Namibia

The 40th group of 48 Peace Corps Volunteers since 1990 were sworn in at a ceremony in Okahandja last week.

The 40th group of 48 Peace Corps Volunteers since 1990 were sworn in at a ceremony in Okahandja last week.

Forty-eight new American Peace Corps Volunteers took a formal oath of service to Namibia last week Friday at a swearing-in ceremony held at the Andreas Kukuri Conference Centre in Okahandja.
U.S. Embassy Chargé d’Affaires John Kowalski, who presided over the ceremony, thanked the host families for their hospitality and tutelage of the 40th group to serve as Peace Corps Volunteers since 1990. He also acknowledged the enduring partnership of government and police officials who ensure the safety and security of volunteers.
 The newly sworn in Peace Corps Volunteers expressed their appreciation to their host families, local trainers and future supervisors through traditional Namibian song and dance and through heartfelt speeches delivered in local languages after just seven weeks of study.
Long time partner to the Peace Corps, Tarah Shaanika, CEO of the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, delivered the keynote address, expressing gratitude for the work Peace Corps Volunteers do to help aspiring entrepreneurs. Peace Corps Director Danielle Chekaraou urged volunteers to share the Namibian story with family and friends in the United States during their two years of voluntary service.

The new Peace Corps Volunteers will travel throughout the country to towns and villages where they will work alongside community members engaged in meaningful and sustainable community development. Sixty-six percent of this group of volunteers will teach math and science in Namibian schools, and the remaining 34 percent will assist with economic development projects. All Volunteers take on secondary projects involving issues as HIV&AIDS prevention, girls and boys clubs, youth groups, gardens and library development.
The new Peace Corps Volunteers include seven Masters level professionals, two Masters International candidates, and one doctoral level professional. The remainder of Peace Corps Volunteers have Bachelor’s degrees. Fields of expertise include biology, animal science, chemistry, mathematics, aerospace engineering, mathematics, marketing, international business, sustainable energy and many more.

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