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Windhoek Show celebrates 60

Lets get the ball rolling, Harald Schmidt, Executive Vice President of the Windhoek Show Society at the show grounds. (Photograph by Musa Carter)

Lets get the ball rolling, Harald Schmidt, Executive Vice President of the Windhoek Show Society at the show grounds. (Photograph by Musa Carter)

This year the Windhoek Industrial and Agricultural show will hit the 60 year mark since inception and according to Harald Schmidt, Executive Vice President of the Windhoek Show Society, they have managed some positive developments in the field of attracting first time exhibitors.
The show, which will kick off on Friday 26 September and end on 4 October, managed to attract more new exhibitors as compared to figures in the past.
Schmidt said, “We are extremely pleased with the positive development in terms of attracting first time exhibitors. Last year only 30% new exhibitors were recorded, while this year we attracted more than 50% first time exhibitors for the outdoor and indoor spaces.”
“Our indoor space, that is our seven halls are full to capacity and we have a waiting list for the other exhibitors who did not make the cut,” he added.
As for the outdoor space Schmidt said the outdoor stands or the area is still the same as they did not expand because they felt that by increasing the capacity it would have come into conflict with their already existing infrastructure and services like water pipes, sewerage and electricity.
“Basically the logistics will not allow us and also we are trying not to focus on the numbers but on the quality,” he explained.
Focusing on the type of exhibitors at this year’s show Schmidt said, “We have foreign exhibitors with a large percentage of them coming from South Africa and other SACU countries. This year we have one exhibitor from Sweden.” Unfortunately other exhibitors from West and East Africa had their chances to showcase in Namibia  dampened by the Ebola outbreak, as stringent travel regulations have been imposed on these countries so as to curb the spread of the Ebola virus.

“None the less, it will be an interesting exhibition with a variety of products from almost the entire spectrum of economic activity, despite the very little manufacturing exhibitors it will be a very good show on the commercial side,” he said.
Another feature which visitors will not miss at the show, is the outdoor motor stands space which was reduced to accommodate a variety of other exhibitions. “This year we reduced that particular sector as we realised that one industry should not over power other exhibitions and a form of rotation of the exhibitions would be appropriate,” he added.
Another interesting development on the agricultural side is that this year a very good number of large stock of up to 604 cattle was enrolled amongst the 42 breeders. Two South African breeders will feature as well as local national champions.
The show will open its gates to the public this Friday (26 September) at 10h00 and at 09h00 during the weekend. Tickets are sold at the gates for N$40 for adults, N$20 for students and kids below 12 enter for free.

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