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German helps you grow wings

The six senior learners and seven juniors, with their teachers after the 27th German language competition held at the Goethe Centre last weekend.

The six senior learners and seven juniors, with their teachers after the 27th German language competition held at the Goethe Centre last weekend.

“English is a must, German a Plus!” said the Namibisch Deutsche Stiftung für kulturelle Zusammenarbeit, when it announced the outcome of last weekend’s 27th German language competition for local schools at the Goethe Centre in Windhoek. Six proficient young German speakers won themselves a four-week trip to Germany.
The Goethe Centre said the 27th language competition was an absolute success, especially for the six winners of the trips to Germany namely Caroline Izaaks, Enica Lee, Maximillian Endjala, Gideon Du Plessis, Kadisha van Wyk and Conchita Matthys. These learners participated in the Grade 10 and 11 category. Promising winners in the younger category, and who may still win the coveted trip to Germany in future, are Anneliza Labuschagni, Martha Amponsah, Shivannè Christians, Theolize Niigambo, Selicia Mabakeng, Ukendiza Uazema und Kabuba Masule. About 90 pupils from schools all over Namibia congregated at the [Goethe Centre] in Fidel Castro Street on Saturday. They all wanted to show, what they have learnt and also compete with the pupils from other schools. Testing the participants’ German proficiency was based on oral examinations conducted by the German lecturers of UNAM, the DAAD and the Goethe Centre. The examinations were interrupted for the memorial service of Dieter Esslinger, but after lunch, the winners were announced. The Goethe Centre said “he older participants from Grade 10 and 11 had the great chance by doing their very best to fly to Germany for more than four weeks, which was the main prize of the event. Four of the trips, each with a value of more than N$40,000 are sponsored by the PAD (Pädagogischer Austauschdienst) and the other two by the DNG (Deutsch Namibische Gesellschaft). Therefore the celebratory victory ceremony was the high point of that day, which was interesting for everyone, since not only the older German learners had the chance to win attractive prizes, but every pupil.

For the younger participants waited cash prizes, MP3-players, credit notes, usb memory sticks and a lot more.” Apart from the exams, the Goethe-Centre/NaDS prepared a colourful day programme for the learners with lots of different activities all linked to the German culture and language. The participating learners were invited to bake and eat pancakes, to draw pictures showing German Namibian relationships, to translate common phrases, and to practise elementary rock climbing. The Goethe Centre/NaDS acknowledged the support of the Pädagogischer Austauschdienst and the Deutsch Namibische Gesellshaft, as well as other sponsors, M & Z Motors, WB We Care Trust, Namibia Breweries, Wecke & Voigts, the Restaurant Am Weinberg, the Craft Café, the AGDS, and the German Embassy for their generous gratitudes.

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