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Fashionista to take industry to the next level

Fashionista Reinhard Mahalie looking fashionable in his designer wear and polants to hit the industry by storm.

Fashionista Reinhard Mahalie looking fashionable in his designer wear and polants to hit the industry by storm.

Reinhard Mahalie is a fashionista, personal stylist who is busy building his fashion and entertainment empire. Currently working for a local bank and studying for his Bachelors Degree in Journalism and Communications Technology at the Polytechnic of Namibia, he also is an emcee and occasionally a judge at beauty pageants.
“I love fashion because it has no boundaries and as long as you are confident and comfortable you can pull anything off, I love taking risks with fashion,” said Mahalie.
He said he is busy registering his company with the Ministry of Trade and Industry and that it will be launched next year. “It will be a fashion styling company and more, but not clothing yet, this will be the launch that will drop the jaws of the Namibian fashion industry and stun them, they will not expect what I am going to do,” he added.
“My motto in life is ‘dreams do not have deadlines’, therefore I never stop dreaming,” he advised. He  said that the fashion industry in Namibia is very small and he tries to support local designers as much as possible, by recommending clients that he styles to buy from them for his personal wardrobe.
“The designer clothes I currently have in my wardrobe were designed by Doudou Hamissi, Ingo Shanyenge and Usuta Couture, I am quite a perfectionist when it comes to fashion, I know what I want and if it is not right I will speak out,” he said.

He currently has an endorsement deal with Risto’s Barber Shop, where he is the face of the Barber shop. “The posters, fliers and photo shoot pictures are coming out end of October,” he said. “Media and fashion go hand in hand because they are both flexible and in the future I want to have my own programme focusing mostly on fashion and in November 2014 I am going to South Africa for a short course in styling at The Wardrobe Academy, which is affiliated with the Association of Image Consultancy International, therefore when I come back in January 2015 I will start charging my clients,” said Mahalie. He said that fashion is an art on its own and it pushes him to be more creative and people do not have to buy expensive clothes all the time, they can buy something cheap and make it look expensive.
Mahalie thanked all his supporters and his late grandmother who raised him with the values that he has today. “Stay fast and fashionable,” he added.

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