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Odyssey tests Rangers in remote Kaoko

A brawl of Ford Rangers roared into Windhoek on Thursday, back from an exhilarating and gruelling 12-day trip through the Kaokoveld. George van Zyl (left) and Hardy de Kock are the Event Directors of the Ford Ranger Odyssey which was held in Namibia for the first time. Fourteen Rangers driven by eager adventurers tackled the remote Kaokoveld to test their own skills and the endurance of their vehicles. Adventurers range in age from 23 to 40 and include student, doctors, and other professionals. De Kock said “Namibia is a beautiful country in which to do this type of challenge and the vehicles performed exceptionally well. 14 went in. 14 came out.” (Photograph by Hayley Allen of HeadSpace)

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