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Eat more fish – Hangana

“Substituting fish for meat is one of the best dietary changes you can make for your family. Fish is a top-of-the-line nutrient-dense food. It’s low in fat and high in many good things” said Herman Theron, Managing Director of Hangana Seafood, in anticipation of National Fish Consumption Day which will be celebrated this Saturday, 20 September.
Theron said that not only is fish a very healthy food, it is also good for the economy, as “we are a fish producing nation and what better way to market the great value of fish by eating it yourself and in so doing positively contribute to your own health.”
He said hake is one of the tastiest fish while at the same time having all the healthy nutrients needed to assist in the prevention of heart disease. “There’s also evidence that fish is beneficial for other health problems, including osteoporosis and infections and there are even studies that show fish plays a major role in the prevention of cancers, including kidney, skin and colon cancers. The old adage that ‘fish is brain food’ is true, and many studies support this conclusion.”

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