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SSC calls on projects

The Social Security Commission (SSC) has called on community based driven projects and schemes which have the potential to create employment to apply through the Development Fund for grants or soft loans or a combination of both.
Olga Katjiuongua, Manager of SSC-DF said that the Fund would support projects that adhere to the principles of sustainable development in that they must be socially, environmentally and economically viable.
“We have, for example, supported Premiere Investments Number 18 cc operating in Okombahe.
They support a community project with debushing along the Omaruru River, where the felled trees are used to make charcoal which will be sold and the money generated comes back to the community,” said Katjiuongua.
A grant of N$750,000 has been availed to this project over a two year period. More support has also gone to Urban Trust of Namibia with a grant totalling N$700,000 over an eighteen month period.
“The project is currently in month four of that period.
The support provided aims to back a livelihood improvement project with identified women in Otavi making textiles to be sold to the community and tourist travelling to and through the town.,”she said.

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