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Union partner helps construction flow

The Metal and Allied Workers Union of Namibia (MANWU) and Swakop Uranium this week signed a labour agreement valid up to the end of next year, to create a suitable and conducive working environment for contractors. The agreement, which is an addendum to various previous Project Labour Agreements is effective from 1 September 2014 until 31 December 2015 representing the next step in a smart partnership between the parties according to Swakop Uranium. “This milestone is important to all parties as it ensures industrial peace and commitment from Swakop Uranium, MANWU and contractors to build the Husab project on time thus ensuring completion of Namibia’s most significant project.” MANWU officials said they are committed to the agreement and will support the contractors to improve productivity and to encourage their members not to stay away from work without permission. The parties further agreed to expand the current Safety Incentive Bonus Scheme by paying each employee a monthly stipend on the condition that employees maintain safety targets as determined by the mine’s management. (See full article under Mining & Energy)

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