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UNAM embarks on infrastructural expansion

The University of Namibia (UNAM) is finalising plans for extension of its infrastructure on its Windhoek main campus.
UNAM spokesperson John Haufiku confirmed that the university is considering extending the current administration block and library. Although construction has not begun the public parking to the east of the administration block is under going foundation rock testing. Haufiku said this week that the UNAM Finance system for all campuses and the Registrar are centralised on the Windhoek, Pioneers Park main campus. “Support services need to expand for more staff, space and storage,” he said. The existing Information Research Centre will be expanded and connected to the current centre. Haufiku noted that the new library facility will create more computer lab space for students. He said that building plans and feasibility assessments are in the process of completion. “The plans are set to be done by early next year or sooner which will be put out on tender,” said the UNAM Public Relations Officer. He added that although feasibility studies and building plans will determine the cost of the infrastructure, the price tag is not likely to gross over N$1 million. He however said that “Service delivery through state of the art facilities will not be limited by funds.” UNAM currently has 1,700 academic staff and close to 20 000 students nationally.

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