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Next Graphite completes screening programme

Next Graphite Inc. recently reported completion of its first of a series of testing programmes of graphite bearing rock from an estimated 140,000 ton heap, situated on the Aukam farm, the location of the planned Next Graphite mining project, situated in the !Karas Region.
Next Graphite has tested 500 tons of graphite rock from its tailing heaps as part of a bulk screening exercise, calculating a preliminary lump waste ratio of 1 to 3.
The firm has also been able to meet its goals of screening 300 tons of material in a 15 day period, with 12 workers.
The results of Next Graphite’s screening process, ratios of its lump yield, and planned increases in daily screening yields will be calculated into its economic plans for its future processing plant. As required in the bulk screening program, Next Graphite was also reporting its findings and progress to the Ministry of Mines and Energy for the its Environmental Impact Assessment.
Next Graphite has now entered into what it describes as Part 1 of its Bulk Testing Phase. During Part 1 of bulk testing, they will prepare samples from 500 tons of stockpiled, finely screened graphitic rock and samples from 100 tons of graphitic lumps.

 The samples of both yields will be sent for laboratory testing and grading at Gecko Laboratories in Namibia and SGS Lakefield’s facilities in Canada. The result of Next Graphite’s Part 1 and planned Part 2, of its bulk testing phase will confirm the quality, grade, and size of its natural, flake graphite.
Next Graphite Chief Executive Officer Cliff Bream said, “The pace at which our team is passing through our evaluation phases and the results from each phase is encouraging. Now having completed the Phase in which we are able to collect, screen, yield, and then sample our 140,000 tons of tailings on the property, we are eager to determine the value of this standing, readily-available asset.
 It will provide us a peek into the caliber of materials we would find on the property’s other vein lodes. Most importantly, these early stages of evaluation and testing will provide our shareholders a peek into the long-term value of our Aukam property.”

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