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MTC not to blame for high data usage

MTC customers are still complaining about the high data usage they are experiencing and they are blaming it on the high billing system that MTC has. Due to this MTC released a statement that guides and explains to their customers why this is the case and how to prevent excess charges to their bills.
MTC is confident that their billing system is accurate, but that the high data usage is a result of the latest versions of operating systems on many smartphones that use more data. Specifically “mapping services”, which is used mostly by applications such as Facebook and Whatsapp, therefore every time you post on Facebook the mobile searches for your current location and this uses a lot of data.
In the statement MTC explained that smartphone applications can do a fair amount of downloading when they are not open regardless of how they are connected to the internet. In short you could end up going over your data limits easily without even knowing it regardless of whether you are on Android or iPhone.
MTC stated that if an application is draining your battery it has a better chance of using more of your data plan as well, therefore battery sucking applications run in the background and will use your data with out your knowledge.
Tracking which application use your data is simple on an Android, install “My Data Manager” which is free, and allows you to track the data your application is using.

If anything is using your data, make sure that the application is not running in the background or just delete it from your phone altogether, solving the problem is easy, as long as you know which application is using up all of your data. On an iPhone it is not that easy to track exactly which applications are using your data therefore you need to conduct an investigation to find the culprit.
MTC advised customers in ways that they can prevent their iPhones from running out of data.
 They advised customers to be cautious of photo streams, to find the apps that use most of their data, to disable push notifications, to keep tabs on your data usage, to keep your Wi-Fi on, to stop background refresh of apps, to stop email fetching, to stop iTunes from accessing data and to turn off data.

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