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Discovery takes the sport route

Discovery discovers sport: Introducing the all new, first generation Land Rover Discovery Sport

Discovery discovers sport: Introducing the all new, first generation Land Rover Discovery Sport

Land Rover announced this week it has taken the Discovery marque into the compact SUV segment with an exciting new, smaller Discovery Sport. Launched in Mexico on Tuesday, the “world’s most versatile premium compact SUV” as Land Rover claims, will only become available in Namibia by June next year. Automakers are expected to go over the top with performance claims for new model, but the Discovery Sport rapsheet shows that these claims are not exaggerated after all. At launch, a range of four-cylinder turbocharged petrol and turbo-diesel engines is available. All feature high-pressure direct injection, low-friction internal components and smart regenerative charging for outstanding performance and economy.
All Si4 petrol and TD4 and SD4 Diesel Discovery Sports are fitted with the state-of-the-art ZF 9HP48 nine-speed automatic transmission which is supplied with low-viscosity transmission fluid to increase efficiency. The 2.2-litre turbo-diesel derivatives are available in either 110kW TD4 or 140kW SD4 specification. With both TD4 and SD4 producing the same 420Nm, drivers can count on exceptional fuel efficiency of up to 5.99 l/100km. Discovery Sport’s progressive design sets the tone for a new generation of Land Rover Discovery premium Sports Utility Vehicles. These vehicles will be positioned in the Leisure family of Land Rover’s three-pillar brand architecture: Luxury (Range Rover), Leisure (Discovery) and Dual-Purpose (Defender). Discovery Sport’s interior has been designed to provide a versatile and calming space, one in which every occupant feels equally comfortable and the driver can pay maximum attention to the road. Its highly configurable 5+2 seating is unique-in-segment. Engineering innovations include: a lightweight bodyshell with a mix of steel and aluminium; all-new multi-link rear axle, and an advanced nine-speed automatic transmission.

Discovery Sport is equipped with vented 325mm front and 300mm rear disc brakes, providing reassuring stopping power in all conditions, including when towing up to 2.5 tonnes. The front brakes are of a new design, with a stiffer calliper and new-generation pads to enhance retardation. The Discovery Sport will be the world’s first vehicle to offer an autonomous emergency braking system using an innovative stereo digital camera system. Operational between speeds of 5 and 80km/h, the system helps to avoid collisions below 50km/h, and reduces the severity of an impact at speeds below 80km/h.

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