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Laurels for Master Mahangu agronomist

Pinehas Nambani (left) is the new National Grand Mahangu Champion for 2014. Congratulating his outstanding achievements are Hon John Mutorwa, the Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, Ms Sirkka Iileka, the deputy chairperson of the Namibia Agronomic Board, and Mr Shali Ashindume from Agribank. Mr Nambani is the top performer in an agronomic competition that also awards producers farming on smaller units. The National Mahangu Champions for 2014 were awarded their trophies, certificates and prizes during the National Mahangu Festival – Oshipe, held in Omuthiya over the previous weekend. Recognising and rewarding this year’s harvest has special significance because of the devastating effects of the drought on the previous year’s crop.

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