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Container project benefits businesses

The Ministry of Information Communication Technology is encouraging partnerships between the government, the private sector and community members for sustainable economic projects that nurture local businesses.
One such community initiative is the Container project which has been in existence for the past seven months already grossing a total income of N$400,000 by meeting the needs of local businesses in Windhoek’s Moses Garoeb Constituency and the Otjomuise area.
By providing basic consumer goods at a reduced price to other smaller retailers in the communities through credit loans or cash purchases.
“Key principles in Smart Partnership include the creation of web of exclusivity, voluntarism, a win-win philosophy, and community and neighbourhood prosperity,” said Mbeuta Ua-Ndjarakana, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information Communication Technology.
Sonja Cloete, community member in charge of the project said that the Container Project benefits roughly 150 smaller mostly informal businesses.
“Young entrepreneurs receive stock from the container, saving on time and funds while supporting the big business of  the container. Money also stays in the community,” she said.
With the ultimate goal of creating limitless and sustainable opportunities allowing for the participants to function in national economies.
The ICT ministry in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Smart Partnership Movement which falls under Namibia,serves as a global hub and an international consultative forum through which the Commonwealth Partnership for Technology management (CPTM) and Smart Partnership Dialogues are held.

“Information, knowledge and expertise are shared by the among them with solutions found to development challenges,” said Ua-Ndjarakana said at the launch.
Projects are developed by participants in the movement, driven by a “smart partnership” between Government, the private sector and community members.
Namib Mills sponsors the Container Project with the first industrial shipping container when it started with its first N$50,000 worth of weekly stock.
Namib Poultry and Namib Mills also provide priced down consumer goods such as baking flour while Namib Poultry offers their factory chicken offal.
“The Awareness Campaign which we are launching, aims to inform and educate the public on a regular basis regarding its projects,” he added.The Container Project will in the near future be extended to other regions in the county.
Another project has seen 700 youth trained in the catering and hospitality business through Aili Catering and Training Services by long serving hospitality employer and owner
Aili Venonya, also in the Moses Garoeb Constituency. Ua-Ndjarakana said that more projects are bound to come as communities are sensitised. While
emphasising that Namibia has been a key participant in the Smart partnership Movement since inception in Malaysia in 1995.

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