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Beauty and brains all in one

Not just a pretty face: Brumilda Ochs, second year medical student clinched the Miss Namibia 2014 crown

Not just a pretty face: Brumilda Ochs, second year medical student clinched the Miss Namibia 2014 crown

Brumilda Ochs a vibrant, kind-hearted and brilliant young woman stifled off her competition to emerge as the beauty and brains in the Land of the Brave in this year’s edition of Miss Namibia.
The second year UNAM, School of Medicine student has her sights set on greater things in life and spreading her positive energy through the nation and worldwide and attributes all the success and achievements to God and her supportive family and friends.
In an interview with the Economist, the beauty said, “I started in pageants from grade two when I was eight years old,”tracing her steps to the crown. The brilliant beauty later went on to win Miss School of Medicine 2013 and from there she never looked back.
“Many times people would tell me to take part in the Miss Namibia pageant and so I gave it a try,” she said. She was crowned the winner of the pageant earlier in the month, which automatically makes her a contestant for the Miss World 2014 set to place in London, United Kingdom and the Miss Universe 2014 pageant.
Brumilda was raised by her grandparents and a single mother. Not to be discouraged by such an environment she said,“I appreciate the love and support I got from my family. I remember the sacrifices they made for me and honestly I did this more for them than for anything else.”
“I would like to tell the youths my story and let them understand that they can make it too, through hard work, dedication and with prayers.” she added.
The 22 year old will be involved with charity works through the Center of Miss Namibia and will be working with youths and gender violence related projects.
“Through some modules at school we are encouraged to get involved in our social communities and I worked previously with an old age home and I realized that I would also like to work with the elderly. They too require love and encouragement, I learned a lot in the time frame I worked with them,” she said.

She added that it was important to not take the elderly for granted because they have so much wisdom to share, especially with the younger generations.
She commented on the experience of the entire Miss Namibia pageant,“it was great, so awesome. I felt so grateful to have met and bonded with such wonderful girls from all over Namibia and to travel the whole country and see its beauty will always be a high point to me.”
She said that the most challenging part of the pageant were the interviews but she kept being herself and pulled through successfully, “they really drilled us” she laughed. For the Miss World pageant she said that she would like to learn about different cultures and hopefully gain knowledge and bring ideas that she may wish to implement within the country on her return. “I would also like to have fun and enjoy the whole experience of being in the pageant” she smiled.
She advised fellow peers and followers, “be patient, listen to your parents, value their words and believe in yourself and remember that being yourself is your way of being different and standing out.”

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