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Prior learners capacity recognised

Qualifications in Hospitality and Tour guiding were received by very proud employees in Windhoek, as well as nationally.
The Namibia Training Authority recognised the experience of these individuals once they had created a portfolio of evidence that matched the national standards, and been assessed for the appropriate skills.
A total of 11 graduates at Chameleon Lodge and Backpackers appreciated the support and input in the sometimes complicated Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) process from their coach and mentor, Pam Miller as well as the support of their employer, Jackie Burton.
They were part of the 150 who started the process and the 120 who completed it, with students from all over Namibia.: Namibia Wildlife Resorts, Sam’s Giardino & Beach Lodge in Swakop, Grootberg Lodge and Mokuti in the north, Nest Hotel, Bahnhof Hotel in the south and centrally, Hakos and Thule Hotels.This made the graduation process a wonderful gathering, representing success all over Namibia.
“This Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) develops so many skills. Not only the task skills, but also the work readiness skills that are crucial for enacting qualifications, creating a productive person”, said Pam Miller, a trainer who guided many of the happy students through the process of receiving national certificates to showcase their knowledge and skills. “Without a good attitude on the part of each individual student though, this would not have been achieved. That is the crucial part of a well-rounded, productive Namibian- Skills and Knowledge are wasted when attitude is not a positive one,” she added.

NTA’s pilot project over the last few years, initiating RPL as a method of achieving national standards, was very successful. Not surprising as many Namibians have worked hard, learning as they went, and now can benchmark themselves against national standards and come away smiling.
Employers too are happy, as the graduates of this process display not only skills and knowledge, but also have experience which has taught them their productivity. The RPL process will now continue, and over the next few years, experienced people in a range of careers can start the process of proving that their years at the post has qualified them at a national level.

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