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ISO certification for local water treatment company

A Namibian company with many years’ experience as a water treatment specialist has recently successfully completed the audit and verification programme for accreditation to an international standards benchmark.
Heat Exchange Products has obtained their ISO 9001 Certification, a quality management system, enabling them in improving their products and services, reduce costs and foremost, meet customer needs to ensure overall satisfaction.
Heat Exchange Products’ – established in 1998 – initial operations focussed on water cooling systems and heat transfer but progressively diversified in providing long term effective water treatment management solutions to various sectors of society, from municipal, manufacturing, agriculture, fishing to the mining sector.
Water is an integral part of our society in sustaining life and we need to constantly endeavour to reduce wastage of such a vital resource. Leading technology and human ingenuity is needed to custom design water management structures that provide the quality of resource that is required to enable operations of various businesses and each every individual in our daily lives.
To date, obtaining ISO 9001, is a choice and not a requirement in achieving quality standards yet the benefits to society are evident.  A systematic management approach is not only an advantage to businesses and their customers but brings about an overall improvement to the health and safety of our society and its environment.
Heat Exchange Products’ vision is to supply comprehensive water treatment to all industrial and municipal processes in Namibia and beyond and become a world class leader in installation and service.  This passion is shared in achieving ISO 9001, a standard of quality that is recognised and respected throughout the world.

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