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This Racist Namibia!!!

Somewhere in my twisted mind I understand that white people can not get over the fact that they can not shoot a black person, without being questioned. And that whites can not get it in to there heads that it is illegal to call a black individual “Kaffir”.
Why,why do I still have to deal with this “One Nation, One Namibia”, of mine? I have got other issues to deal with, Het julle nie genoeg gekry nie? Julle will noeg aan gaan?
What really grinds my gears, is that I do not get socked or surprised when a white person is racist towards me and that should not be the case. Let me inform my white fellow Namibians, not all blacks got their money from stealing, not all black will rob you and we are human too.
And do not even advise me to go to the government or law with this issue, they are to busy trying to change the constitution to get more power and oppress this nation some more. Do not get me wrong it is not only the whites who are racists towards the blacks, black on black racism exists? But that is another issue for another day.
Let me vent about a white lady calling a black till lady at Pick n Pay “Kaffir”, in front of hundreds of people, but not even a single person did anything. I get it the till lady made a mistake, and all she could do say”Ek is jamer mevrou”, while the mangers watched, trying to console the white lady.
I really do not know where you think we should go? Please tell us how may we make life easier for you? Ek is gat vol. E will speak and write in your language, because I was basically forced to
learn how to do that.

While I was in high school a white girl used to go on about how racist her father is(surname Steenkamp), so what? And all the blacks kids would laugh, what is funny about that? I am very different, if a family member of mine says anything racist about whites, I stop and say hold on, do not talk like that, they are all not the same. Never ever again, will I do that. I gave you all the benefit of the doubt, but no I have stopped day dreaming.
Then you go and teach you children the same thing, “ek is kwaad”, why should I try, if you don’t. Imagine this, I went to Swakopmund a few months back for the NAMAs and while I was site seeing and doing a little shopping with my friends, a white  family walked past us and the Dad (typical big, huge Africaans dude) said, “Jesus hoekom is daar so baie kaffirs vandaag” and the whole family laughed, including the kid that was about six or seven years old. I may also be racist by writing and expressing this, and I should be the better human being, but no every race for themselves and God for us all. Someone better call me a kaffir, I tell you all hell will break loose I will not stand for that s*#t any more.

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