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Register your waste

The City of Windhoek commissioned the Registration System for Waste Generator earlier this month at their Solid Waste Management Division.
The objective of the Registration System is to protect the environment and the public’s health by ensuring that all waste generated is managed in a safe and optimal manner from the point of generation to the point of disposal.
Councilor Muesee Kazapua, Deputy Mayor of the City of Windhoek said that in an effort to address waste related demands the City launched the Solid Waste Management Policy in 2010, under the theme “moving towards a green city”, which forms the foundation and framework for the management of solid wast within Windhoek.
“There is a lack of information pertaining to the quantities and the types of waste generated and there are limited wast tracking systems in place to ensure that waste is transported to approved facilities for disposal,” emphasised Kazapua.

He added that the City through the Registration and Licensing System aims to implement measures which will enable the early detection of any improper waste management practices and encourage cleaner production and waste minimization.
Kazapua said that generators of priority waste such as hazardous waste, health care risk waste, E-waste, waste tyres and any other waste considered by the City as priority waste need to be registered irrespective of quantities.
Pupkewitz Motors, Pick n Pay, Medi Clinic, Neo Paints, Eros Family Practice and Kalahari Sands Hotel and Casino received their registration certificates on the same day.

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