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Helping students and learners find funds to study

Samuel Neshuku, Director at Nam Career Service and a member of Welwitschia Education Initiative.

Samuel Neshuku, Director at Nam Career Service and a member of Welwitschia Education Initiative.

Nam Career Service, founded in 2013, ensures that learners are informed about tertiary institutions and have access to scholarships, fellowships, bursaries and apprenticeships. This service also helps find existing students internship positions at local companies and organisations.
The project is an initiative of Welwetschia Education Initiative for Namibia.
This initiative serves as an enabling platform to broaden the horizons of students nation wide by providing various useful services and opportunities to eager individuals. “Nam Career Service since its establishment has reached more than 900 people to date and have published more than 290 offers. We have also awarded our own scholarship for tuition fees worth N$7,500 in 2013 to a geology student,” stated Samuel Neshuku, Director of Corporation at Nam Career Service and Member of Welwitschia Education Initiative for Namibia.
After receiving various complaints about poor CVs and cover letters from applicants, the initiative decided to take steps to prevent this from happening. “Nam Career helps  through various application workshops and so far we have hosted about 10 of them. The last one took place at Immanuel Shifidi about a month ago.” He said.  “We advise participants on how to write a good CV and a convincing cover letter, and we give advice how one prepares for an interview. We further request our users to send their CVs and cover letters to us by email or through Facebook, to have them checked by us. Over 5500 users have liked our Facebook page.” He stated.

Nam Carreer members are all volunteer workers with full-time jobs. “We work according to when we are free because there are no funds in the organisation but we offer our services for free regardless,” he added.
“In order to be able to work efficiently, currently we seek support from any interested stakeholders who would like to show support in any form or donation” he said adding that Nam Career Service is in partnership with Opportunity for Africans.
Welwitchia Education for Namibia was founded in 2012. The organisation aims to improve the educational situation and to assist the partnership between Namibia and Germany.
The initiative was formed by a group of young Germans who have had the opportunity of working within the country for a year. The group worked with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) in environmental projects. It also helped to support small and medium enterprises and to establish education projects.
“In the past two years, the work was managed by the group in Germany. However, we are now officially established in Namibia as well, adopted a constitution and elected our Management Committee that only consists of young Namibians.” Neshuku said. “We awarded ten scholarships to NAMCOL learners in Okahandja from a project that assists them with their homework and takes them off the streets.” “These opportunities are mainly focused on the youth, but we do not discriminate against other interested parties,” he concluded.  For more information about Welwetschia Education Initiative for Namibia please visit

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