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Film Review – Non-Stop

Non-Stop is a film about US Federal Air Marshal, Bill Marks (Liam Neeson) who is getting text messages from a passenger on the plane, claiming that he is hijacking the plane. At fist Bill tries to keep this to himself, because he does not trust anyone on the plane but as people start to die on the flight he starts telling people what is going on. He is doubted by all the other passengers and he seems like a crazy, paranoid cop. But at the end he saves the day.
I enjoyed the acting in this film. It is superb. There is a lots of action, drama and romance, exactly my cup of tea. Liam Neeson is perfect as always, and the supporting actors just feed off his energy. Brilliant acting from the cast but the story line is just so predictable. No I can not call it that, let me rather say, it so boring. Maybe I feel this way because I slept halfway through the movie and woke up as it was about to end, and I still followed what is happening and what happened.
This is a typical American movie, but this time the terrorists are not Arabs, they are Americans, which is the only surprising part in this film. I only kept on watching to see who is behind all this. Watch this film if you really have nothing else to watch. How can they waste so much talent on such a film?

I might have said the film is boring and not exiting enough but Neeson with a gun and a mission is just so exiting. You can not help but to keep watching. Iit remind me of Die Hard, were the good guy will do anything to stop the bad guy even if it is the last thing he does. So my advice to you is to go watch this with your family, everyone (grandpa, mother, sibling, child), they will all take something out of this film, even though it may bore them a little. Personally I wish this film was made in the 90’s, then it would have been the bomb. But I guess as an audience we want all the special effects and the shenanigans that we are used to from Hollywood. It is perhaps in part our preconditioned expectation that causes us not to appreciate a good movie when we watch one. Susan Walszczyna, reviewed the film on and she says that the movie indulges in upgrades when it comes to supporting cast, four time Oscar nominee Julianne Moore, as an overstressed businesswoman and current supporting actress nominee Lupita Nyongo’o.
Like I said great cast, wrong film.

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