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DHL Namibia earns “Great Place to Work” certification for 2024

DHL Namibia earns “Great Place to Work” certification for 2024

DHL Namibia has been awarded the “Great Place to Work” certification for 2024, which highlights the company’s leadership not only in the logistics and supply chain sector but also within Namibia’s business community at large.

The certification from Great Place to Work is particularly significant in the context of Namibia, where economic challenges and workforce development remain key priorities. DHL Namibia’s achievement underscores its dedication to fostering a positive work environment and promoting employee well-being.

Dirk S. van Doorn, Managing Director at DHL Namibia, expressed his enthusiasm about the recognition, stating, “We are excited to be awarded this certification because over the years DHL Namibia has understood the importance of putting our employees at the centre of our operations. Employee engagement and recognition is a critical component that we focus on in building a positive workplace culture.”

Central to DHL Namibia’s approach is comprehensive employee recognition programs and tailored in-house training initiatives aimed at equipping team members with the skills needed to excel in their roles. These efforts not only enhance productivity but also contribute to employee satisfaction and professional growth.

Beyond its internal initiatives, DHL Namibia has also made substantial investments in corporate social responsibility and community engagement over the past three years. The company actively participates in community projects and champions environmental sustainability efforts, fostering a sense of pride and purpose among its workforce.

Great Place to Work, a global authority on organizational culture, evaluates companies based on employee feedback regarding trust, culture, and overall experience. The certification is awarded to organizations that provide outstanding workplace environments globally.

Van Doorn emphasised, “Our purpose of connecting people and improving lives is a core component of how we operate, and the ‘Great Place to Work’ accolade is recognition of the company’s efforts to create an exceptional workplace.”


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