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New Vet Council elected

The Minister of Agriculture Water and Forestry, Hon. John Mutorwa appointed the first Veterinary Council this week at the ministry’s headquarters in Windhoek, following the passing of the new Veterinary and Veterinary Para-professions Act.
Dr Rainer Hassel was elected as Chairperson of the Council. He started his career in 1978 as a state veterinarian.
The Minister of Agriculture, who preceded over the event made it clear that all members of the council where chosen based on the criteria of the veterinary professionals Act requirements.
Mutorwa commented on previous experience of members asking on direction after being appointed. “Once they fail they give irregular unjustifiable excuses,” he said.
The last board members Mutorwa appointed were for Namibia Agronomic Board. The agriculture minister drew comparison to mismanagement in the health sector.

Dr Rainer Hassel was elected as the Chairperson of the council and Jessy Kamwi as the Vice-Chair.
Mutorwa said that it is the Council’s responsibility to explain the veterinary law to relevant stakeholders.
He added that transgressions of the law should not occur due to the Council neglecting its responsibility to explain the law.
Mutorwa pleaded with the newly elected Council to inform University of Namibia School of Veterinary Science teaching staff and students on the Animal health Act as it is crucial in the training of students due to a high demand for Veterinarians.
The outspoken agriculture minister said that his Office will enquire on the progress of the council.
“Don’t see it as interference if I summon the chairperson on the progress of the council.” Mutorwa said.
Currently, the Directorate of Veterinary Services is constructing veterinary facilities in the Northern Communal Areas including clinics in Okakarara, Epukiro and Eenhana.
Dr. Hassel thanked the Minister for his concerned interest in the operation of the Veterinary Council and in the speedy promulgation of the new Act.

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