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Tnamrock, Making a difference

Lukas Oscar the driving force at Tnamrock Investments

Lukas Oscar the driving force at Tnamrock Investments

With a passion for technology, Lukas Oscar, founder of Tnamrock Investments is always taking steps that he feels will impact the country positively in the years to come.
Registered in 2012, Tnamrock Investments provides services such in clothing, electronics, construction and the Tnamrock Care Foundation, which caters for young mothers, who have no means of support for themselves and their child, an initiative which was put in place to reduce the rate of teenage pregnancy and baby dumping which is the order of the day in the country.
“My initial plan for Tnamrock Investments was to mainly focus on electronics but also decided to venture into other services. My dream is to one day own a Namibian made electronics for Namibians. Imagine a Namibian cellphone, programmed with our local languages,”he said.
At the moment, Oscar said he has already begun taking steps towards this dream, by ordering phones and tablets which have been designed according to his specifications to match his vision. “I personally spoke and worked with the manufacturers on every detail of these products and honestly, I am satisfied with the results so far”, he added.
One of his services that has enjoyed a fair share of success and can be likened to the Social Corporate Responsibility of other companies is the Tnamrock Care Foundation.
Since its establishment two years ago, it has managed to help about 28 unemployed mothers with monthly supplies for their babies and is committed to prevent the inhumane act of abortion, baby dumping and teenage pregnancies and is funded by the umbrella company Tnamrock Investments.

The care foundation also initiated a project titled ‘Namibian Men Stand Up’ (NAMSU) which was launched earlier this year and aims to collect thoughts and possible solution ideas from all members of the society, across the nation, especially, the men regarding ways and systems to be implemented, in order to reduce and possibly prevent the social epidemics, such as passion killing, baby dumping and gender violences, that affect the nation.
“We need to come together and put heads together to find a solution to these problems that we face.”, Oscar added.
“Currently we are also planning a national fun day, under the theme: Positive Steps Towards the Festive Season, Building Positive Minds Towards Road Safety. This is mainly to bring people together and promote awareness on road safety. There will be quite a number of activities, and winnings on that day, it will be a fun environment to educate” he explained.
Tnamrock investments is set to do much more than it is doing now, but Oscar said he will require more financial assistance to be able to do more. He is most particular about his technological projects and is determined to achieve his goals. “This is just our foundation, we are going to accomplish so much more.”
Oscar said, “we should always remember that success is not determined by wealth, I strive to make an impact wherever I go and helping people, changing lives.”
“I would like to appreciate the help and support I receive from all those surrounding me, my team, Iyaloo Benjamin, Me Lahya Kapembe, Hilda Basson Namjebo, Paulina Heita and Simon T, to mention a few and I have the vision and passion to help lower income earners to come up and establish themselves as well. I am motivated when my efforts benefits others and I see us growing together,” said Oscar.

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