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Correctional Service implements Telio communication system in prisons

Correctional Service implements Telio communication system in prisons

The Namibian Correctional Service this week unveiled the implementation of the Telio communication system within the organisation at an event held in Opuwo.

NCS Commissioner Leonard Mahundu, on behalf of Commissioner General Raphael Hamunyela, highlighted the pivotal role of effective communication in Correctional Service operations.

He expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts of stakeholders and emphasized the significance of the Telio system in facilitating crucial connections between inmates and their families.

“The introduction of the Telio communication system at the Windhoek Female Correctional Facility underscores our commitment to enhancing inmate welfare,” he said.

He outlined how the system supports emotional stability, reduces isolation and aids in rehabilitation by maintaining regular contact with loved ones.

“The NCS has a responsibility to engage stakeholders to ensure that our inmates are rehabilitated and reintegrated back into society as law-abiding citizens. One of our key stakeholders are the Spiritual Workers, hence telio serves as a channel for receiving religious or spiritual guidance, offering moral support, and helping inmates to find peace and direction,” he said.

According to Mahundu with the shortage of manpower at many of the correctional facilities, the Telio system automates call management and monitoring hence reducing the workload on officers including overseeing inmates’ communication and alleviating supervision allowing them to focus on other critical tasks in the facility.

“Further, the Telio system provides easy maintenance ensuring the retrieval of all calls and in cases where irregularities are suspected, providing a clear deterrent to inmates regarding the use of the system. It is observed that the recording of calls encourages good behaviour and respect knowing that there is comprehensive monitoring in place,” he added.

Meanwhile, the introduction of the Telio communication system marks a significant step forward for the Correctional Service in leveraging technology to improve inmates’ well-being and promote successful reintegration into society.


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