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Telecom partners with City of Windhoek and Police to boost smart policing initiatives

Telecom partners with City of Windhoek and Police to boost smart policing initiatives

Telecom Namibia’s Chief Executive, Dr. Stanley Shanapinda, and senior management recently held discussions with officials from the City of Windhoek and City Police to explore collaborative strategies aimed at enhancing safety, security, and the protection of vital telecommunications infrastructure within the city.

The meeting focused on establishing a joint task team comprising members from both Telecom and the City institutions.

This team will work together to align strategies and implement initiatives to create a safer environment. Key among these initiatives is the deployment of CCTV cameras in crime hotspots notorious for copper and battery theft, as well as vandalism of telecommunications infrastructure.

Faniel Maanda, Acting Chief Executive and Strategic Executive for Housing, Property Management, and Human Settlement at the City of Windhoek, emphasized the city’s commitment to transforming Windhoek into a Smart City.

He highlighted the challenges posed by rapid population growth and increasing crime rates, stating, “Our goal is to ensure Windhoek becomes a Sustainable and Caring City by 2027, focusing on the safety and well-being of all residents.”

Shanapinda underscored Telecom’s role as the largest telecommunications network operator in the country, heavily reliant on copper connections.

“Vandalism and theft of our infrastructure disrupt communication and commerce, affecting residential, government, and corporate customers,” he explained.

Shanapinda also discussed Telecom Namibia’s transition to fiber optics to reduce theft incidents and service downtime, acknowledging the ongoing challenges in sourcing copper for repairs.

“We must collaborate closely with law enforcement to protect our infrastructure preemptively,” Shanapinda affirmed, commending Windhoek’s proactive approach to safeguarding its residents and assets.

Chief Leevi Shivolo Ileka of the Windhoek Municipal Police Service highlighted ongoing Smart Policing initiatives to leverage technology to enhance policing effectiveness. These initiatives include proactive crime prevention, rapid response capabilities, and expanded enforcement coverage using advanced technological tools.

In conclusion, the partnership between Telecom, the City of Windhoek, and the City Police aims to strengthen security measures, safeguard telecommunications infrastructure, and make Windhoek one of Africa’s safest cities.


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