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Accountants in Public Sector can now upgrade their qualifications

Accountants in Public Sector can now upgrade their qualifications

Windhoek – 12 June 2024 – The African Professionalisation Initiative (API) and the Namibia Institute of Professional Accountants (NIPA) have signed a groundbreaking Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), enabling public sector accountants in Namibia to obtain professional qualifications and accreditation. This collaboration, also involving the Public Accountants and Auditors Board (PAAB), sets a framework for implementing training programmes to elevate the qualifications of public sector accountants.

Addressing the Professionalisation Gap:

The Memorandum of Understanding between the Namibia Institute of Professional Accountants and the African Professionalisation Initiative was signed on 12 June 2024 in Windhoek. From the left, Mr Milton Eiseb, President of the Namibia Institute of Professional Accountants, Mr Zaa Nashandi, Chief Executive of the Public Accountants and Auditors Board and Mr Evans Mulera, Chief Executive of API.

Evans Mulera, Chief Executive of API, highlighted a significant gap in the professionalisation of public sector employees in finance and accounting, revealing that only about 5% are fully professionalised. This insight, derived from white papers and data from various country organizations within the API network, underscores the urgency of this initiative. “Professionals may know their work and prepare financial reports, but many lack knowledge of the standards and International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) they are using,” Mulera explained. “Professionalisation addresses these issues, making this initiative timely and critical.”

Support and Implementation:

The MOU is backed by funding from USAID, demonstrating their commitment to the success of this project. Following the signing, detailed information about the learning programmes will be made available. These programmes have been meticulously developed in collaboration with NIPA, ensuring they meet the highest standards of professional quality.

Mulera emphasized the importance of effective governance within the API. “If we fail to be governed properly, in accordance with best practices, we will fail as an institution,” he stated. By the end of June, API will be operating in eight countries, offering specific learning programmes to public sector accountants.

Benefits of API Learning Programmes:

The API learning programmes boast several advantages, including professional quality, affordability, and accessibility. “Our learning materials are developed by the most qualified and experienced experts,” Mulera noted. “Being online, these programmes allow for flexible learning from home.”

Supporting Competence and Systemic Improvement:

Auditor General Junias Kandjeke stressed the need for support from various organizations to ensure the success of this programme. “Competent accountants and auditors are essential, but they must be backed by robust systems,” Kandjeke said. “API and NIPA have provided a solution for training and enhancing competence in the public sector, which will ultimately improve service delivery and provide taxpayers with value for their money.”

NIPA’s Role and Future Prospects:

As API’s implementation partner, NIPA will oversee the rollout of these training programmes to all public sector entities. This initiative is poised to benefit significantly public sector accountants and finance officers by providing targeted, high-quality training.

The signing ceremony marks a significant milestone in the professionalisation of public sector accountants in Namibia, paving the way for improved service delivery and accountability in the public sector.

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