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Bank Windhoek launches new brand campaign: ‘Is it Possible to Love a Bank?’

Bank Windhoek launches new brand campaign: ‘Is it Possible to Love a Bank?’

The Managing Director of Bank Windhoek, Baronice Hans, emphasized the institution’s commitment to Namibia’s betterment beyond financial services during the launch of their new brand campaign, “Is it Possible to Love a Bank?”

The launch event took place at Grove Mall on Wednesday evening

Hans underscored the campaign’s aim to strengthen Bank Windhoek’s “Journeying Together” concept, highlighting the love of banking as a means to engage stakeholders effectively. “Indeed, it is possible to love a bank when it genuinely cares for its people and their aspirations,” she said.

Beyond financial transactions, Bank Windhoek prides itself on being a relationship bank, striving to build trust and authenticity in its banking approach. “Authentic banking is about adding value to the lives of Namibians, forging lasting connections, and staying responsive to evolving needs,” Hans added.

In line with its commitment to local growth, Bank Windhoek collaborated with Namibian service providers and communities nationwide to produce a television commercial. The commercial, spearheaded by the Bank’s Marketing and Corporate Communication Services department, premiered at the launch event. Hans noted that half of the cast comprised Bank Windhoek staff, showcasing their dedication to the brand and the nation.

The television commercial invites Namibians to join Bank Windhoek on a journey, showcasing the institution’s values and principles through relatable human experiences. It also aims to bring Namibia’s diverse tapestry to life.

Local music producer Ponti Dikuua, leading the Collective Singers choir, performed “For the Sake of Love,” a song commissioned for the brand campaign.

Hans announced that the campaign’s marketing materials would be visible across various media platforms from Monday, 17 June, inviting everyone to join Bank Windhoek on their journey.


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