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Zambezi’s OM SEED 2024 champions elevate local entrepreneurship

Zambezi’s OM SEED 2024 champions elevate local entrepreneurship

From the vibrant landscapes of the Zambezi Region, the 2024 Old Mutual Sustainable, Economic, and Empowerment Drive (OM SEED) initiative has once again showcased the entrepreneurial spirit of Namibia.

This year, the initiative highlighted the remarkable talents of individuals from Katima Mulilo, culminating in the celebration of three outstanding entrepreneurs.

In collaboration with the Financial Literacy Initiative (FLI) and Basecamp Business Incubators, the Old Mutual Namibia Foundation is thrilled to announce the successful winners of the 2024 OM SEED Zambezi Region.

Leading the charge and winning N$50,000 is Masule Branden Nchindo, the founder of BM Success Investment, specialising in horticulture and poultry farming. Nchindo’s innovative approach to sustainable agriculture and his commitment to food security have set him apart. Nchindo expressed his gratitude, “Winning the OM SEED first prize is a dream come true. This support will enable BM Success Investment to expand our operations and reach more communities with fresh produce and quality poultry products. I’m committed to making a lasting impact on our region’s food security.”

Mercy Kachaka, the creative mind behind Ludimu Investments, secured the second prize of N$30 000. Her business focuses on making juices from local fruits and running a successful restaurant in Katima Mulilo, promoting local flavours and healthy living. Kachaka shared, “This recognition is incredibly rewarding. OM SEED has provided a platform to elevate Ludimu Investments. I am excited to continue offering nutritious, locally sourced beverages and meals that celebrate the rich flavours of our region.”

Taking the third prize and N$20,000 is Beaven Simasiku Mulijani, the entrepreneur behind Zambezi Firewood Project, which sells wood and produces charcoal. Mulijani’s enterprise addresses the local demand for sustainable energy sources and contributes to environmental conservation. Mulijani remarked, “Receiving this award is a significant milestone for Zambezi Firewood Project. With OM SEED’s support, we will enhance our production capabilities and promote sustainable energy solutions within our community.”

Mignon du Preez, Old Mutual Namibia’s Group Marketing, Public Affairs, and Sustainability Executive, reflected on the impact of OM SEED, “The entrepreneurs from the Zambezi region symbolize the resilience and creativity of our nation. Their journeys demonstrate the transformative potential of initiatives like OM SEED in fostering economic growth, innovation, and community upliftment.” Du Preez concluded by commending the winners for their dedication and vision, “Their success stories inspire us all. The achievements of Nchindo, Kachaka, and Mulijani reaffirm our commitment to nurturing Namibia’s entrepreneurial talent. We are proud to support their journeys and look forward to the positive changes they will bring to their communities.”

Since its inception in 2022, OM SEED has reached six regions, and by 2025, it aims to cover 14 regions, empowering entrepreneurs across Namibia with funding, mentorship, and incubation support. Winners from the upcoming regions will be announced as the OM SEED team continues its journey across the country, celebrating the ingenuity and hard work of Namibian entrepreneurs. This initiative continues to play a vital role in creating a vibrant and supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem in Namibia.


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