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Communal wildlife conservancies meet

A forum of 79 Communal conservancies including the Karamacan Association met this month in Windhoek under the theme “Conservancies Against Poaching and Weak Governance.”
The forum called for the implementation of the National Policy on Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) that would make provision for the CBNRM Coordination and Advisory Forum.
The representatives supported government efforts through the Ministry of Environment and Tourism with support from NGOs in promoting sustainable wildlife utilization in their conservancies, refusing the opinion of those rejecting the use of wildlife hunting in their conservation efforts.

“We resolve to support Government stand in the promotion of sustainable wildlife utilisation conservancies, therefore we reject the anti wildlife utilization sentiments tarnishing the image of countries that are practising sustainable wildlife management approaches,” the forum read.
According to the forum, the Conservancy Programme continued growth needs innovative strategies and support mechanisms aimed to enable the programme in its continued role more effectively and in benefit for the environment and communities.
The forum urged the Ministry of Environment and Tourism to engage conservancies in coming up with a more sustainable Human Wildlife Conflict Self Reliance Scheme to strengthen avoidance measures in reducing Human Wildlife Conflicts.

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