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Calling all cattle farmers to enter Agra’s weaner championships

Calling all cattle farmers to enter Agra’s weaner championships

Starting early July, Agra will run its 13th Weaner Championships on the platform of 18 weaner auctions from Karasburg in the South to Grootfontein in the North with another four auctions in the communal areas of Aminuis, Okondjatu, Talismanus and Okakarara. The championship series will conclude on 05 September and the winners announced in October.

In a statement announcing the start of the championships, Agra said this competition serves a dual purpose, first to build capacity in participating communities but also to honour the top producers for their outstanding achievements.

The championship series provides a welcome income to cattle farmers while at the same time, provides a tangible incentive to breed top quality animals.

Championship participation provides producers with the opportunity to measure and compare their production standards and management practices at national level.

“The judging criteria are standardized to ensure fairness and impartiality. Animals compete in one of three categories: Feedlot Potential (Tollies), Field Potential (Tollies), or Breeding Potential (Heifers).”

In addition to recognizing the top performers in each category, the Agra Weaner Championship Series also acknowledges the contributions of buyers. Prizes are awarded for the highest amount spent during the series and the largest total number of animals purchased throughout the auctions.

Best performers are awarded at each auction while the regional winners and overall champions will be named at the Gala award ceremony in October.

The Agra Weaner Championship Series is sponsored by Bank Windhoek, Santam, Sanlam, Feedmaster, Corporate Guarantee, Indongo Toyota and Hino Indongo, Agribank, Vivo Shell, Africa Commercial Vehicles, KyronAgri, TrenTyre, Gondwana Collection, Karan Beef, AfricaOnline and Rhodes.

Stakeholders, sponsors and Agra management present at the launch of the 13th Agra Weaner Championship Series starting on 09 July.


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