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Telecom Namibia and Sparkle forge partnership to propel local digital advancement

Telecom Namibia and Sparkle forge partnership to propel local digital advancement

Telecom Namibia has joined forces with Sparkle, a leading global operator headquartered in Italy to catapult the country into the digital age,

In a statement released on Tuesday, Telecom said the partnership, solidified through a strategic agreement, sets the stage for a significant enhancement in the country’s digital infrastructure.

Telecom, wholly owned by the government, boasts the largest digital telecommunication network in the nation, serving over 619,000 customers with a comprehensive suite of voice, text, data, and video solutions.

The exclusive agreement with Sparkle entails the provision of capacity services on the Equiano submarine cable, which traverses from Portugal to South Africa. This collaboration not only ensures a diversified, low-latency route between Africa and Europe but also fortifies Namibia’s digital development ambitions and meets the burgeoning demand for data in neighboring countries.

By leveraging the Equiano submarine cable, Telecom Namibia is poised to significantly bolster the nation’s digital infrastructure. This collaboration offers a diversified, high-capacity route for data transmission, augmenting network resilience and slashing latency. The resultant high-speed connectivity is set to empower businesses and government entities to expedite digital transformation initiatives, thereby catalyzing economic growth and steering Namibia towards a knowledge-driven economy. The future-proofed network infrastructure guarantees that Telecom Namibia can seamlessly address the escalating data requirements of its clientele and the broader region.

Moreover, the Equiano Cable brings added resilience to the subsea cable infrastructure by providing redundancy, ensuring uninterrupted service continuity even in the face of potential outages on either the SAT-3 or WACS cables.

In a statement marking the culmination of the agreement, Dr. Stanley Shanapinda, Telecom Chief Executive, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing its pivotal role in delivering unparalleled connectivity solutions and propelling Namibia’s digital transformation journey forward. Enrico Bagnasco, Chief Executive of Sparkle, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the significance of international connectivity in supporting digital growth.

Sparkle, a subsidiary of the TIM Group, stands as a global Tier-1 operator with a significant presence in Africa. Leveraging its Seabone IP backbone and extensive network coverage, Sparkle is well-positioned to facilitate the evolution of the telecommunications sector across the continent.


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