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Nujoma calls for urgent ceasefire in Arab-occupied territories to address humanitarian crisis for workers

Nujoma calls for urgent ceasefire in Arab-occupied territories to address humanitarian crisis for workers

The government made a compelling plea for an urgent ceasefire in Arab-occupied territories, the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relation and Employment Creation (MLIRE) Utoni Nujoma said at the 112th International Labour Conference held in Geneva.

Speaking in support of the recommendations presented by Gilbert Houngbo, Director-General of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), Nujoma emphasized the dire need for action to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis affecting workers in these regions.

Nujoma highlighted the devastating impact of the conflict on the labour market, noting significant job losses, the collapse of the private sector, and widespread violations of labor laws.

He underscored the urgent need for reconstruction efforts to create decent employment opportunities and alleviate the humanitarian crisis plaguing the region.

“The current situation demands immediate action to rebuild and create decent jobs, as well as to expand social protection measures,” stated Nujoma noting that they can not afford to delay any longer, as further inaction will only exacerbate the extreme humanitarian crisis

Echoing Nujoma’s concerns, Houngbo emphasized the profound challenges facing workers in Gaza, where the labor market has virtually collapsed amid widespread destruction and displacement.

He reaffirmed the ILO’s commitment to supporting job creation and promoting decent work as essential components of recovery and reconstruction efforts.

Meanwhile, Nujoma expressed confidence in the effectiveness of international labor instruments, particularly in guiding recovery efforts in crises.

“Namibia firmly believes that Recommendation No.205 will provide valuable guidance on placing employment creation and decent work at the forefront of recovery efforts,” concluded Nujoma.


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