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Dreams key to success

Silva Shapwa founder of the all-rounder company Sasha Investments cc had a dream and vision and he persued it.

Silva Shapwa founder of the all-rounder company Sasha Investments cc had a dream and vision and he persued it.

Silva Shapwa, is an outspoken and spontaneous young man and is the owner of Sasha Investment cc, a company that offers Sasha Engineering Services, Sasha Tutoring Services, Sasha Printing Services, Sasha Catering Services and Sasha Media which are all subsidiaries of the mother company.
The all- round company started in 2012, offering various services for clients, including designing, embroidering, printing on clothing, tutoring in Mathematics and Statistics, catering services for events or private occasions and media services. “I had always wanted to have a business, I had a vision and I was determined to strive forward until I became successful,” Shapwa explained.
Shapwa said, “For Sasha Printing I started with N$50. I wanted to start a clothing line, so I started by designing soccer shirts on my computer, buying shirts and printing on them for resale. As time went by I would get more orders and costumers with different requests for their prints. So far this is my most success and growing venture yet.”
“As time went by I realized that in my struggle I learned so many valuable lessons. Money was never my motive initially, I feel privileged and truly appreciate all that I have learned so far in this industry,” he added.

The soccer fanatic studied at Concordia College then later at the Polytechnic of Namibia where he graduated after five years and is now a Mechanical Engineer at Emcon Consulting Engineering in Klein Windhoek. “Growing up was no joy ride, I had a difficult childhood. I remember walking to school, a distance of about 5 km from grade 5 to 7. I did not take food to school, my trousers were torn and my shoes were small but I had no choice, because there was no way to get what I needed, I had to make do with what I had and what parents struggled to provide for me,” as he traced his roots. “The experiences I have had in my life growing up and going to school, have made me more resilient and strong enough to handle whatever life may throw my way. I am an survivor and I will keep putting my best in all I do,” he explained. Shapwa describes himself as someone who takes advantage of every opportunity that comes his way to learn and to grow, because he feels life is about lessons that help make one a better person. He said that, “As an entrepreneur, you have to be a dreamer. You’ve got to have the vision and have passion. Believe in yourself that you can achieve it. To be a great businessman and or woman, you should set targets and aim to reach them, if you fail once then try again. Do not allow one downfall to be the end of you.”

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