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New agreement cements development cooperation between Namibia and Germany

New agreement cements development cooperation between Namibia and Germany

Managing groundwater sources in the North and guiding urban development in the South are the two focal areas of the most recent development agreement between Namibia and Germany.

This week, the Director General of the National Planning Commission, Hon Obeth Kandjoze and the Deputy Head of Mission in the German Embassy, Dr Andreas Götze, signed two new agreements on Financial and Technical Cooperation between Namibia and Germany.

The two agreements make provision for financial support of approximately N$386 million for groundwater management in the North and for urban development in Lüderitz and Aus in the Karas Region.

This week’s development cooperation agreements are based on negotiations conducted in June last year. In the scope of these negotiations, strategies and priorities for future cooperation were discussed and agreed upon. Namibia – German cooperation has yielded positive development results and has contributed to Namibia’s quest of achieving its national development goals

The most recent round of bilateral consultations took place from 24 to 26 April 2024 in Swakopmund. The consultations were held in a friendly atmosphere and were characterized by intensive, transparent, and fruitful discussions. Both sides highlighted the numerous concrete successes of Namibian – German development cooperation.

During the consultations, the German delegation confirmed that further development cooperation will continue to support Namibia’s development goals as expressed in the National Development Plans, the Harambee Prosperity Pland and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Since Independence, official German development cooperation has come to about N$32 billion, making Namibia the largest recipient of German assistance in Africa. The next round of consultations is scheduled for September next year in Lüderitz.


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