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Measles outbreak confirmed in Erongo Region – Ministry responds

Measles outbreak confirmed in Erongo Region – Ministry responds

A measles outbreak has been officially declared in the Erongo Region, as announced by the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) in a statement this week.

The outbreak, which was initiated in January, has resulted in a total of 93 suspected cases, revealed MoHSS executive director Ben Nangombe.

“The first measles-positive case was confirmed from a cluster of 10 suspected cases detected in March. Subsequently, contact tracing was initiated in April 2024 to identify additional cases. Blood samples collected from suspected cases revealed five more positive cases. The confirmed cases span from 7 years to 12 years of age,” Nangombe said.

Fortunately, Nangombe assured that all confirmed cases are either in stable condition or have successfully recovered, with no instances of hospitalization or fatalities reported.

In response to the outbreak, the ministry has mobilized a regional emergency response team and is actively engaged in contact tracing and testing procedures, Nangombe confirmed.

Additionally, efforts are underway to provide health education to students, teachers, and the community, while plans for supplemental immunization activities in the affected district are being formulated.

Nangombe stressed the importance of practicing good hygiene, avoiding crowded places, and ensuring children are vaccinated against measles. He further emphasized ongoing investigations and public health measures aimed at containing the outbreak.


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