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Toner and paper get printing going again at Aranos Primary

Toner and paper get printing going again at Aranos Primary

Document printing at Aranos Primary School came to a standstill when the school ran out of paper and toner. Fortunately for the learners, telecommunications utility, Telecom, came to the rescue, donating sufficient quantities of both items.

Speaking on behalf of his employer, Telecom’s Walter Modise did the honours, presenting the donated goods to the school’s staff. He emphasized Telecom’s firm belief in education as the cornerstone of a thriving society. He acknowledged the challenges faced by schools in acquiring essential resources and highlighted their strategic focus on bridging the educational divide.

“By providing essential supplies like photocopier ink and printing paper, we directly empower educators with the tools they need to deliver effective instruction and cultivate a stimulating learning environment for every student,” stated Modise.

“We extend our sincere appreciation to the principal, teachers, and staff of Aranos Primary School for their unwavering dedication to shaping young minds. These printing supplies empower you to continue delivering exceptional educational experiences to your learners. Together, Telecom Namibia and Aranos Primary School are investing in the future of our nation by cultivating a generation of well-equipped and empowered learners,” he concluded.


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