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Planning Commission calls for public engagement in government-civil society partnership policy

Planning Commission calls for public engagement in government-civil society partnership policy

The National Planning Commission has issued a call for stakeholders, interested parties, and affected individuals to contribute to the development of the government-civil society organizations partnership and engagement policy, scheduled to span from September 2024 to September 2027.

To cultivate a robust framework for collaboration between the government and civil society organizations (CSOs), the Commission seeks diverse inputs, suggestions, and recommendations from the public.

Interested parties can access the draft policy on the National Planning Commission’s website and submit their contributions via email to [email protected] before the deadline on 21 June.

Highlighting the importance of this collaborative endeavor, the Commission emphasized the significance of meaningful engagement between the government and civil society in driving sustainable development and societal progress.

They underscored the vital role of diverse perspectives and expertise in ensuring inclusivity, transparency, and effectiveness in the partnership approach.

The Commission further stressed that active participation from stakeholders will not only enrich the policy formulation process but also strengthen the foundation for a dynamic and harmonious relationship between the government and civil society.

Ultimately, they noted, this collaboration will benefit the entire local community.

In concluding their call to action, the Commission urged stakeholders to join hands in forging a pathway towards a more equitable and prosperous future.


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