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Namforce and Correctional Service Club join forces to promote financial literacy and security

Namforce and Correctional Service Club join forces to promote financial literacy and security

Namforce and the Namibia Correctional Service Club (CSC) recently sealed a significant partnership through a memorandum of agreement signing ceremony held last week.

The memorandum of understanding signifies Namforce’s deliberate efforts to ensure comprehensive coverage for its Namibian clients while on duty, ensuring the protection and safekeeping of CSC employees.

Managing Director of Namforce, Martin Shaanika underscored the importance of collaboration and emphasized the affordability and flexibility of employee benefits.

This collaboration between NAMFORCE Life Insurance and the Correctional Service Club (CSC) represents a profound commitment to the well-being, security, and future of our clients,” he stated, highlighting the critical importance of comprehensive financial protection and support in times of need.

Expressing gratitude for the trust placed in Namforce’s service, Shaanika continued, “We thank you for your trust in what we do as we cater to the best interest of our own Namibians. The flexibility to the needs of your staff sets a high standard of how you value your staff and cater to their needs.”

Namibian Correctional Service Commissioner-General, Raphael Hamunyela commended Namforce for its proactive approach and fast commitment to addressing CSC’s needs. He highlighted the significance of the partnership in enhancing financial education and awareness not only among CSC staff but also across the nation.

“This event marks a significant milestone in our collaborative efforts and commitment to addressing the needs of our correctional officers,” he remarked, emphasizing the commitment to providing financial protection through innovative approaches.

Highlighting the importance of employee wellness, Hamunyela stressed the significance of support from CSC.

“In recent years, we have encountered heartbreaking situations where some correctional officers have passed away, leaving their families without the necessary resources to cover funeral and other related expenses,”, he said.

Senior Chief Correctional Officer, Gideon Shikeshu, lauded the partnership for its affordability and flexibility, emphasizing its tailored approach to the needs of Namibians.

“Apart from it being affordable on the market, it also has flexibility for us to choose our option of preference,” he added.

As Namforce continues to promote financial education, Shaanika expressed gratitude to media houses for their role in educating consumers during uncertain economic times. This partnership signifies a step forward in ensuring the financial security and well-being of Namibians, particularly those serving in critical sectors such as the correctional service.

Martin Shaanika Managing Director Namforce and Commissioner-General Raphael Hamunyela, Commissioner General of Namibian Correctional Service and Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Correctional Service Club.


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