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Lithium miner Xinfeng Investments mourns loss of employee

Lithium miner Xinfeng Investments mourns loss of employee

Xinfeng Investments expressed profound sorrow at the passing of one of its esteemed employees, Mr. Gerson Nauyoma.

Nauyoma, who joined the company in February 2024, tragically passed away on Tuesday, 28 May at 16:00 in Swakopmund, the company said in a statement.

Employed as a member of the management team responsible for the conveyance of mineral transportation, Nauyoma played a vital role in determining mineral volumes in the Plant Department. Contrary to misinformation circulating on social media platforms, he was not associated with the Crushing unit, the company clarified.

Xinfeng Investments,a subsidiary of Tangshan Xinfeng Thermal Group Company based in four cities in China, has been operating in Namibia since 2022.

The company currently employs 180 staff members at the Uis mine and has invested over N$ 800 million in acquiring mining equipment and ensuring workforce safety.

As part of their commitment to safety, the company invests in high-quality safety gear and masks (KN 95) for its workers. Recognizing the challenges posed by mining environments, Xinfeng Investments employs cutting-edge technology in dust suppression, a measure endorsed during the acquisition of its Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC).

To maintain transparency, it was disclosed that Nauyoma, along with other staff members, left the mine premises on Thursday, 23 May, following the pay-day protocol.

He subsequently traveled to Swakopmund, where he reported feeling unwell. Despite receiving medical attention, Mr. Nauyoma passed away on Tuesday.

The company has collaborated closely with the Nauyoma family, providing financial assistance for funeral arrangements and travel costs. While the cause of death is known to the company, disclosure remains at the discretion of the family.

Furthermore, a team from the Ministry of Mines visited the mine on 29 May, finding the safety procedures and gear to be satisfactory. In memory of Mr. Nauyoma, Xinfeng Investments will offer all staff the opportunity for a medical check-up soon, the company concluded in a statement.


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