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Happy Nammilk Day this Saturday 01 June

Happy Nammilk Day this Saturday 01 June

Local dairy producer, Namibia Dairies, announced that this coming Saturday, 01 June 2024, will be the first Nammilk Day to honour the remarkable resilience and market penetration of its flagship brand, Nammilk. It is the company’s intention to celebrate this dedicated day every year.

Announcing the inaugural Nammilk Day, the company said Nammilk stands out as a shining example of pure excellence and sustainability. From its modest origins to its current status as proud household dairy, Nammilk embodies unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and community development.

Even in the severe 2019 drought when milk was packed in and imported from South Africa, the strong presence of the Nammilk label enabled Namibia Dairies to continue supplying the local market without interruption or consumer resistance.

“At the heart of Nammilk’s ethos lies a steadfast commitment to sustainability and pure goodness. From the !Aimab Superfarm, the source of Nammilk’s goodness and known for responsible dairy farming practices; state-of-the-art technology; and strategic partnerships, Nammilk has established new standards for freshness and product excellence. Nammilk Day provides a platform to showcase these accomplishments, to inspire future generations of farmers and parents alike.”

To mark the day’s inauguration, Namibia Dairies will conduct a facebook competition for Nammilk consumers, inviting them to capture a short video where they are busy preparing their favourite meals and beverages using any product of the Nammilk brand. The competition starts on 03 June and will run until 27 June. For the lucky winner, a N$1000 cash prize waits.

With Nammilk Day, Namibia Dairies wants to signify the commitment to ongoing growth, resilience, and excellence. Beyond the festivities, Nammilk Day serves as a reminder of the importance of supporting local industries, fostering sustainability, and preserving Namibia’s rich agro-economic heritage.

“Let us celebrate Nammilk’s journey and embrace a future where Namibia’s dairy industry continues to flourish, enriching lives and communities nationwide—with Nammilk at its core.”


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