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How rising sea levels affect us

How rising sea levels affect us

The Namibia Scientific Society will be hosting a public talk by Karl Hartmann titled, ‘Sea Level Rise – is my coastal property safe?’, on 6 June at 19:00.

The Society said the talk is motivated from when Hartmann visited Greenland in September 2023 and en route observed Greenland’s contribution to sea level rise. This observation kindled several thought-provoking aspects of science.

Terraces along the coastline provide further, rather unexpected, conclusions on Greenland’s coastline. The observations are put in a global perspective, including some thoughts on how it effects us in Namibia,” the Society stated.

Since graduating as a geologist in 1982, Karl Hartmann has worked for several mines and exploration projects in Namibia, the central Andes, north-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and West Africa. “Since 2020 Hartmann consulted for several companies, mainly in Namibia and apart from geology and metallurgy, he has a wide range of interests including aspects influencing climate change.”

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