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Wild Africa Fund partners with OneAfrica to raise public awareness of conservation

Wild Africa Fund partners with OneAfrica to raise public awareness of conservation

By Michel Haoses.

Wild Africa Fund on 28 May announced its strategic partnership with OneAfrica to protect Namibia’s wildlife and raise public awareness about wildlife conservation.

The partnership extending to both television and radio was launched on 30 May although broadcasting of ‘Music for Wildlife’ concerts already commenced a week earlier.

Since 1970, Africa has lost two-thirds of its wild animals in terms of numbers, this reduction primarily attributed to poaching, habitat loss, human wildlife conflict, and water scarcity.

Although efforts are made to combat these challenges, continued support and innovative solutions are essential to ensure the survival of its unique wildlife heritage, therefore the partnership between Wild Africa Fund and OneAfrica is designed to create wide-spread support and inspire innovative thinking.

The partnership’s first initiative comprises Music for Wildlife Concerts, a series of concerts featuring some Namibian artist and will be broadcast every Thursday at 20h00 to raise awareness and engage the public in wildlife conservation efforts.

Another element is Dr Mark’s Animal Show, a series designed for children that profiles animals such as pangolins, parrots, rhinos, cheetahs, with quizzes and engagement opportunities for children in the audience, inspiring the next generation to protect their natural heritage.

It also includes Public Service Announcements which bring messages from Waters, TopCheri, Ethnix, Kboz, Dj Alba and Chikune calling Namibians to protect their natural heritage and highlighting the plight of rhinos and cheetahs in the country and Unsung Heroes, an informative and inspiring documentary series that celebrates local conservation leaders across Africa, highlighting their work.

We are honoured to partner with OneAfrica in our mission to protect Africa’s wildlife and promote conservation. This collaboration allows us to reach hundreds of thousands with our message and engage communities in meaningful conservation efforts”, said the Chief Executive of Wild Africa Fund, Peter Knights.

Zellmari Brandt, the General Manager Marketing of Future Media Namibia, affirmed OneAfrica’s dedication to support content creators striving to make a difference and expressed delight in supporting Wild Africa Fund’s work by broadcasting the Music for Wildlife shows and other impactful campaigns, raising awareness and driving wildlife conservation.

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