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Elderly at Katutura Old Age Home receive much needed pampering

Elderly at Katutura Old Age Home receive much needed pampering

Katutura Old Age Home elders received manicures and pedicures much to their delight, as part of the Africa Day commemorations, from the Rob Youth Foundation Namibia and partners. The team undertook various activities such as cleaning the bathrooms and toilets, washing the dishes in the kitchen and cleaning the yard of the old age home.

Rob Youth Foundation Managing Director, Naomi Kamenye said it is in the best interests of African youth to give back and start taking care of their elders as this is their responsibility of the new generation. “It is very important to celebrate Africa Day as we celebrate the diversity of Africa, and also to keep our culture. As Africans it is a great day to celebrate with our elderly and give back to them in the spirit of Ubuntu. I am supper happy to be part of such simple but considerable acts of Kindness on Africa Day.”

Khomas Regional Manager of the Rob Youth Foundation, Chantel Kamehozu said she thinks it is imperative to celebrate Africa Day, “because as Africans, it helps us understand who we are as people and it also helps us to draw back and remember our ancestors and ancestral land that we have received.”

It also helps us understand who we are as a continent and also defines unity on a different perspective as we are Africans who are actually united, working together for one call and one purpose. We had a splendid time at the old age home with our elderly who are dear to our heart and also with our partners involved,” she added.

Representative of the International Peace Youth Group and International Women’s Peace Group, Paheja Ndjoze, said celebrating Africa Day is a way of reuniting Africans. “As we are all one and also just to create the atmosphere and the environment for love and peace as Africans is very nice to keep in our heritage. Visiting the old age home was a great initiative and the event created a loving atmospheres and I really valued it. Even though people age, they still need love from the youth and us youngsters have a lot to learn from our elders,” added Ndjoze.

Representing the Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light, Aloycius Hawangwa believes it is very important for Africans to celebrate Africa Day, remembering the history of where we are coming from and where we are headed. “So it is important that we recognize the diverse cultures we have and as well as the great potential to develop the continent given the resources we have on the continent. The event was amazing and it is very important for us to visit the elderly as most of the time they are lonely, and some immobile and so I was happy to put a smile on their faces as we did a small act of service for them which I hope made a difference on the day.”

Meme Sophia who spoke on behalf of the elders said she was very happy that the young people came to visit them and said it should not be a one time visit. “Visit often not just come once. I enjoyed the singing and dancing performances you did for us. We really appreciate it,” she concluded.

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