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Home Affairs to introduce entry visa requirement for non-reciprocating nations

Home Affairs to introduce entry visa requirement for non-reciprocating nations

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security (MHAISS) in a recent announcement, revealed its intention to implement an entry visa requirement for nationals hailing from countries that have not reciprocated Namibia’s favourable visa policies.

Etienne Maritz, the executive director at MHAISS, outlined this decision last week, highlighting its aim to foster fair and balanced diplomatic relations.

The directive, set to impact citizens from 31 nations, including Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Britain, and the United States, comes as a response to years of one-sided goodwill gestures from Namibia.

Maritz underscored Namibia’s history of extending favorable treatment to nationals of various countries without receiving commensurate treatment in return.

Maritz indicated that the ministry would disseminate information regarding the implementation date and application procedures through diplomatic channels at a later stage. Upon arrival in Namibia, nationals from the affected countries will be issued visas, subject to an applicable fee and an online visa application process.

Importantly, Maritz stressed that the measure is not intended to impede legitimate travel but rather to uphold the principle of reciprocity in international relations. Namibia remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing positive and mutually beneficial diplomatic relations while continuing to welcome visitors and tourists.

The ministry plans to furnish travelers from the affected countries with comprehensive guidelines and procedures for visa issuance, ensuring clarity and transparency in the process.


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